School project 9c

Plastic in the oceans –

A school project by class 9c 


Hey guys and welcome to our English project,
did you know that the most common element found in the ocean is not fish or algae; it`s plastic! Concerned about the consequences that this might cause, we decided to dig deeper and agreed on doing a projectcalled Plastic in the oceans.
Ms Ascherl divided our class into seven groups and every group created their own video. Here we wrote the texts (so-called voice-overs), collected and drew pictures and finally put it all together in the videos by using the laying-technique. 
First we did some research on why and how so many pieces of plastic get into the ocean, what the main problems about plastic are and what we can do about it and help to clean the ocean up again. At the beginning it was very difficult to get organized within the group, but later we started to work together very well and all groups had a lot of fun with their project.
Working on the project we learned a lot about plastic and that it is a severe threat to the ecosystems of the oceans and the environment in general. Watch the videos and you`ll agree with us that we have to do something about this problem immediately. And you can help, too. For example, next time you go shopping, say no to the plastic bag. Instead, bring your own cotton bag.  This will help to reduce plastic waste.
Enjoy the videos, spread the word and protect the environment by refusing to use plastic in your daily life and at the HGT!
Antonia Olk (9c)
Ms Ascherl